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Cruise Series 1 - BBW Lost and Found_207x320The First Cruise: BBW Lost & Found (The Cruise Series, Book 1)

Belinda finds the evidence she suspected all along, her husband has been cheating on her, for over a year, with a sexy, younger blond; even worse, she’s thin. Her heart is broken and when she comes home to find them making love in her house, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Her friend was right. It’s time to do something just for herself. The cruise promises hot, young men and more sex than she can dream of, but when she meets Michael, she realizes that she needs sex, but she’s just as hungry for love. In his arms she finds both and when she disembarks, she can think only of her new life with the man of her dreams. That is until her repentant husband appears.



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“Ready to get drunk?” Theresa asked.

They both cackled. They were no longer the age or disposition to drink heavily. Still, the image of the two successful, thirty-something women drunk in public was freeing. She imagined them laughing and swaying in their seats as important business people looked on, bemused. Belinda sat down and grabbed the martini that waited on the counter.

“I would love to,” she confessed.

“But you can’t.” Theresa finished her sentences, a longtime habit.

“No, I can’t. I’ll tell you what I’d like to do, though.” Belinda took a deep breath before plunging in. “I’d like to have about twenty martinis, and maybe I’d forget that I saw pictures of Stanley’s girlfriend this morning.”

The lack of surprise on Theresa’s face was a punch to the gut.

Theresa had been telling her that Stanley was a snake since their second date. Her friend’s eyes narrowed, and there wasn’t a moment of hesitation before Theresa lashed out at Stanley.

“Bastard!  I knew it!” Theresa said. She hung on to Belinda’s forearm with one hand, clutching her cocktail with the other. She finished the rest of her drink before continuing. “Oh, I always hated him.”

Theresa tapped her glass, signaling the bartender.

“We’re going to need a lot more of these,” she told him. Whipping her blond hair around to look at her friend again, she got down to business.

“You saw pictures of her?”

“Yep. She’s twenty-something, tall, blond, gorgeous…,” she sighed. “And skinny. She looks like a model.”


“So he cheated. He’s a bastard. Of course you hate him right now, but do you really want to go through a divorce? Maybe, maybe not. Right now, you’ve got to take care of what you need.”

Belinda nodded, realizing they had almost the exact same conversation four years ago. Theresa had caught her ex-husband cheating too, and the situation had been close to identical.

“So I need to have an affair?” Belinda wondered aloud. It wasn’t unreasonable. The way she felt every time she saw Mr. Whiting, that ache between her legs signaling unfulfilled want… that was a sign.

“Maybe an affair, maybe just pick up a stranger.” Theresa paused before she added, “Or a whole week of sex.”

Belinda set her martini on the bar. She could feel warmth blossoming in her body, and it wasn’t just from the idea of an affair. She hadn’t eaten all day and now the gin was hitting her hard.

“Just how am I going to have a week of sex when my husband sleeps in the den?”

It sounded so sad when she said it out loud.

Her friend gripped her arm and wiggled in her chair

“You have to go on the cruise!” Theresa cried.

“What cruise?” Belinda pictured herself on vacation, standing on the deck of a boat in a bikini. In her mind she was completely alone, filled with shame about her body, watching happy, sexy couples walk hand in hand in honeymoon bliss. If there was one thought sadder than sleeping alone, it was the thought of living like that for a whole week.

“They have these cruises for women. It’s a week of beautiful, hot, single men, and all the sex you can handle!”


The sun deck was littered with women, but more surprisingly were the number of men. It must have been by design, she thought. There were at least two men for each woman, and each was more handsome than the next. Belinda strolled by, letting her eyes take in one after the next. A young man with long, dark hair winked at her as she passed his table. She tilted her head and gave him a dirty grin.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a companion drawing a seat up next to her. Tall, wide shoulders. A bare, sculpted chest. He had dark hair and eyes to match, but his pearly white teeth gleamed when he smiled at her, showing one dimple that made her stomach flutter.

“I’m Michael, what’s your name?” he asked. His voice was deep. Belinda could picture him whispering in her ear as he stood behind her, grabbing her hips.


“I’m a little nervous,” she admitted.

His lips sunk down onto hers, closed and hot. They pressed against her mouth. Opening her lips a hair, she moaned when the tip of his tongue traced her bottom lip, asking for entrance.  She answered by parting her lips and pulling him closer. One hand cradled the back of his head and the other on his back. She felt him exploring her, his tongue sliding around the curve of hers and then sucking on it softly before releasing it. She felt his teeth graze her top lip.

“Oh my God,” she said, sighing and pulling him closer. “It’s been so long since I was kissed.”

As she said it, she tried to remember the last time Stanley had even held her hand.


“God, Belinda, you are extraordinary,” he sighed. His hands cupped her breasts together. He made a slow, winding trail with his tongue, back and forth between the creamy mounds.

“That’s making me crazy,” she said.

She shuddered, her body was covered in goose bumps and she grabbed at his skin to feel every hard inch of his body pressed against her softness.

“Your mouth feels so good,” she gasped.

“Wait,” he ordered. He raised his eyebrows and continued to remove the swimsuit. In a moment, she was bare. There was nothing she could do but grind her hips. She was so wet and so hungry for him, she wanted to beg.

“My mouth is going to taste every inch of you,” he promised.