The Cruise Series

In a world where romance is on life support and speed dates with one more forgettable toad could never be half as much fun as drinks with the girls, it’s become almost impossible to keep believing that Prince Charming could be just around the corner.

sexy smiling businessman in red tieThat is why, in The Cruise Series, we bring you a boatload of romance, literally.

Imagine that you’re on a cruise, far away from home and work and your pesky voicemail, nothing to do but drink, dance and dine and feel your cares melt away, on the arm of a handsome stranger.  Or maybe two.  Perhaps another gorgeous, curvy girl catches your eye.  Nothing is off limits on The Cruise; the sensual and forbidden is now your playground.Wet Muscular Man

What better way to soothe a broken heart than to find comfort in the arms of the perfect man?  Perhaps you’d rather keep your options open. In that case, you’ll never run out of new, sexy, exciting companions that are available for your pleasure on The Cruise.


The Cruise Series Characters


Belinda Warton

An honors graduate, Belinda has always been thought of as a go-getter by friends and co-workers alike, but it wasn’t until she started with the Huffington Group that she really hit her stride. Now, she is the youngest female partner in the firm. 

To the outside world, Belinda is the perfect example of having it all, but she is actually a closet romantic who, more and more, finds her romance relegated to the closet. 

She and her husband had become more partners than lovers and once he moved out of the bedroom, she realized that what she needed, she couldn’t get fulfilled through the boardroom. 

Belinda has always been a curvy, ball of fire with a big heart and an almost insatiable desire for all of the pleasures that life has to offer.  Where had that Belinda gone? 

Tucked away behind her desk, night after night, it wasn’t until she realized that she deserved success in her love life, as well as her work life, that she decided that a radical change needed to be made.  Once Belinda makes up her mind to find true love, nothing could possibly stand in her way.  The only question is, will she make the right choice?


Stanley Warton

Stanley fell in love with Belinda shortly after they met.  The raven-haired beauty was not only intelligent and sexy; she also had a warmth that he quickly called home. 

Their relationship progressed quickly but it started with a lie that threatens to destroy the very foundation that their marriage was built on. 

Stanley watches Belinda rise up the ladder and feels that he’s been left behind like yesterday’s newspaper.  Riding on the coattails of a woman’s success is not always easy and when Stanley finds himself spending more and more nights alone, he’s not one to take it lying down. 

When he meets a younger, thinner blond, the temptation is too great even if she isn’t half the woman that Belinda is.  What he doesn’t know is what Belinda will do once she discovers his betrayal and how much he still loves her.  Will Stanley have to watch her walk away or will his wife give him a second chance to make amends? 


Amy Gillings

Belinda and Amy have a long, heated history and the dark-haired femme fatale is known for her voracious appetite for men and women.  What started off as friendship became something salacious after the night that Amy turned up in Belinda’s bed. 

Their secret passion has long been a part of their bond, but as they encounter one another once more, Amy realizes that a lot of time has passed since they could truly be considered lovers and Belinda wonders if they were ever really friends. 

Rather than a career, Amy has traded on her good looks and sees life as a moment to be seized and seduction is her currency.  Belinda was one of the first in a long line of conquests, but when Belinda reemerges into her life, will their love be rekindled or will secrets from the past finally tear the two friends apart? 


Michael Sartain

Michael has the charisma that draws women to him like moths to a flame, and the looks to match.  Handsome, wealthy and looking for romance, when he meets Belinda, it seems as if the two were made for each other. 

What starts off as hot only gets hotter as Belinda succumbs to his charm and the undeniable chemistry between the two.  As perfect as they may seem together, once trouble is on the horizon for Belinda, and Amy appears on the scene, Michael seems to waiver. 

Once he crosses the line, Michael may find that indulging in polyamorous affections will force Belinda to make a choice.  Is Michael just another pretty face or will Belinda realize that he truly is the one? 


Robert Whiting

Robert has been trouble as far as Belinda was concerned from the beginning.  This man in her office is the same man that she has been fantasizing about since they met.  Tall, dark, confident and the consummate flirt, he has never made his desire for Belinda a secret and she has always found it unnerving that she could easily return it. 

Once Belinda frees herself from her marriage and finds herself in a desperate moment, it’s Robert’s arms and Robert’s bed that she falls into. 

Is there something more to this Lothario than his skills between the sheets?  After leaving Amy’s embrace, can Belinda see him as anything more than a good time?  Robert seems far too well versed to be anything more than a fling, but only time will tell if there’s something more to this man. 


Theresa Goodman

Belinda’s best friend and confidant has often carried her through the storm.  She realizes that without Theresa her love life would be even more of a shambles than it is right now. 

The feisty, spirited blond is gutsy and to-the-point and knows how to work the room and work a man. 

Once a long-held secret is discovered though, it will change the friends forever, and both women find themselves wondering if they can ever go back to the way things used to be.  

And once Theresa and Belinda become part of a love triangle and the past seeps into the present, will Belinda lose the one friend that she thought she could count on through it all?  When friends become lovers, can they ever go back? 

The Cruise Series II

HandcuffedA new Cruise with new characters, The Cruise Series II features our BBW heroine, Annabelle, a beautiful redhead, on a ‘BDSM Cruise.’ 

The Cruise Series II starts as Annabelle watches from the comfort of her bed as her life crumbles and falls apart, avoiding the phone, avoiding the questions. What can she say except that her husband has left her behind in the dust; a younger model has caught his eye. 

The thought of revenge is the only thing that has gotten her out of bed in weeks and then, her best friend pushes her for more.  The Cruise seems like the place where if she can’t mend her broken heart, she can at least have some no-strings attached fun.  When she meets Reuben though, common sense seems to have taken a back seat to her fantasy, but what happens when your fantasy takes control?

The Cruise Series II Characters


Annabelle Davenport

This beautiful redhead has spent the last twenty years of her life trying to be the society wife that her husband expects her to be.  She was a curvy, fiery, wild girl when they met, in the middle of a love triangle that broke her heart as much as it excited her.  Brent won out in the end.  She chose him because he seemed to be the husband that she wanted rather than the lover that she craved.  

Now, twenty years later, Annabelle is watching her life fall apart now that Brent, her perfect husband, has walked out and straight into the arms of a younger, thinner model.  After spending days on end under the covers, crying her eyes out, Annabelle decides to claim some of the spark she lost so long ago. 

After she rids the house of some of Brent’s belongings, she won’t stop there.  She hears about The Cruise and decides that this is the perfect way to get back into her long lost single life.  With a line of beefcakes as far as the eye can see, she feels her confidence surge and one lover in particular moves her in ways that she is just as ashamed of as she is turned-on by. 

Reuben seems to know her like no other man she has ever met, and just when she thinks that there might be something real here, she runs into the man that has always been in the back of her mind since the last time they parted.  Stuck somewhere between the past and the future, Annabelle isn’t sure if a man is the answer to anything but she plunges head first into all the pleasures that she didn’t even know existed.


Brent Davenport

Annabelle’s husband of twenty years, he’s a successful man and he’s provided her with a good life, at least as far as the material things are concerned.  A beautiful house in the right neighborhood, all of the trappings of happiness, but was he ever concerned about Annabelle’s true happiness? 

He meets a young secretary at work and all but forgets about the gorgeous woman behind the throne.  Taking the mistress to Europe is just the beginning as he moves on to taking a trophy wife, but Brent seems to forget that Annabelle is still the wild girl that she always was.  Once she sets her mind on something, it happens, and if Brent is in the way, so be it. 


Charlie Calloway

Charlie was the bad boy in Annabelle’s past life.  His prospects might not have been up to husband standards, but between the sheets they were a match made in heaven.  

Twenty years have gone by and Annabelle has spent a good portion of that time wondering if she made the right choice, but has Charlie given her a second thought? 

Charlie has taken his hustle and drive to the political arena and is a politician, very successful in his own right and a renowned ladies man.  When he and Annabelle meet on The Cruise, for the first time since she walked out on him, sparks fly, but can anyone really go back in time?  Is their romance just beginning or was it over a long time ago? 


Reuben De Santos 

Reuben enters Annabelle’s life like a hurricane.  Their chemistry is immediate and overwhelming and not only are they a match in bed, but he is also intuitive and understands things about Annabelle that she can’t begin to understand how.

Reuben’s passions are darker than Annabelle has ever known before and he introduces her to a whole new world where pain and pleasure mix and overlap.  He pushes her to her limits and then beyond. 

Every time Annabelle thinks that perhaps this could be something more than just an incredible romp in the hay, Reuben pulls away and she is left in a constant state of wonder and arousal.  Reuben is still married and that along with his sexual appetites makes Annabelle wonder if she’s not just throwing herself into yet another impossible love triangle.


Susan Williamson 

Annabelle’s best friend for as long as the two can remember, she’s never been a fan of Brent and makes no secret about hating his guts now that he has broken Annabelle’s heart.  She has told Annabelle for twenty years that she should have married Charlie despite his bad boy reputation, and once he reappears in Annabelle’s life, she can’t wait to see the two of them wind up right where she thinks they belonged.  

Susan is a hopeless romantic at heart underneath all of that cynicism though, and all she really wants is to see Annabelle find the happiness that she deserves.