The Cruise Series Books

Cruise Series 1 - BBW Lost and Found_207x320

The First Cruise: BBW Lost & Found (The Cruise Series, Book 1)

Belinda finds the evidence she suspected all along, her husband has been cheating on her, for over a year, with a sexy, younger blond; even worse, she’s thin. Her heart is broken and when she comes home to find them making love in her house, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Her friend was right. It’s time to do something just for herself. The cruise promises hot, young men and more sex than she can dream of, but when she meets Michael, she realizes that she needs sex, but she’s just as hungry for love. In his arms she finds both and when she disembarks, she can think only of her new life with the man of her dreams. That is until her repentant husband appears.

You have to go on the cruise! 

What do you do when you find out that your husband is cheating on you with a much younger, much thinner blonde? Well, if you’re Belinda, go on a cruise of course!

Belinda hasn’t had sex in over a year, ever since her husband Stanley moved out of the bedroom and became a permanent resident of the den. Before that, it was once a month. It’s unacceptable, as Belinda’s best friend, Theresa, would say. 

Now, looking at pictures of Stanley’s mistress, Belinda is devastated. But when she walks in on them having sex inside her house, Belinda makes a rash decision of going on a cruise. 

Here comes Michael, the man of her dreams, who has found her when she’s lost in pain. After spending half a day with him, Belinda’s already asking, “Stanley who?” And they haven’t even been intimate yet. 

But it’s only a weeklong cruise. Can the cruise fling become relationship? 

And Belinda is still married to Stanley…

Cruise Series 2 - BBW Plus Two_207x320BBW Plus Two (The Cruise Series, Book 2)


Belinda arrives home after spending a steamy week with her lover and is confronted by her husband. Even after she and Stanley make-up though, there’s no way that she’s giving up Michael, and once her husband catches the lovers together, escape seems to be the only option. She and Michael set sail once more, determined to cement their relationship as well as explore new territory. When Michael asks what is her one secret fantasy, she finally opens up and wonders if they haven’t opened Pandora’s Box. As other people from her past join them on board, Belinda is caught somewhere between fantasy and love.




Cruise Series 3 - BBW Ladies Choice_207x320BBW Ladies’ Choise (The Cruise Series, Book 3)


After spending an amazing night with her lover, Belinda has a smile on her face and a song in her heart when she wakes up and calls her friend to share the good news. It’s then that she finds out what her husband has been up to and is forced to hurry home to stop him from trying to ruin her life. Once she’s there and sees the face of the man that she had fallen in love with long ago, she realizes that her marriage might not be as over as she thought, but neither is her new romance. Desperate to get back on board before her past lover and her current lover collide, Belinda finds herself stranded overnight with a handsome distraction sitting next to her.




Cruise Series 4 - BBW Realizes She's Bisexual_207x320BBW Realizes She’s Bisexual (The Cruise Series, Book 4)


Stranded on account of bad weather, Belinda follows her long-time crush Robert to his hotel room for what promises to be a night of ecstasy, rather than just a one night stand, but wakes up to so much more.  She realizes that she’s in love with the man who she thought was just a tease. They then go back to the boat where another surprise awaits.  Will Belinda find room in her heart as well as her bed for two friends who are now lovers?




Cruise Series 5 - BBW Out With The Old, In With The Two_207x320BBW Out With The Old, In With The Two (The Cruise Series, Book 5)


Belinda finds herself in bed with the new love of her life and her best friend, and every minute brings her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.  Everyone on board this cruise is not a friend or lover though, and after a drunken confrontation with the first man she bedded, she finds herself even more grateful for Robert.  It’s Amy that Belinda is focused on now and once she discovers that the woman that she had thought of as a friend has actually been plotting against her all along, Belinda wonders if life can ever return to normal again.