The Cruise Series II Books

The Cruise Series II, Book 1 Cover_320Annabelle’s Awakening: BBW BDSM Hot Erotic Romance (The Cruise Series II, Book 1)

Annabelle watches from the comfort of her bed as her life crumbles and falls apart, avoiding the phone, avoiding the questions. What can she say except that her husband has left her behind in the dust; a younger model has caught his eye. 

The thought of revenge is the only thing that has gotten her out of bed in weeks, and then her best friend pushes her for more. 

The Cruise seems like the place where, if she can’t mend her broken heart, she can at least have some no-strings attached fun. When she meets Reuben though, common sense seems to take a back seat to her fantasy. But what happens when her fantasy takes control? 

It’s going to be more than a wild ride at the turn of every page of The Cruise Series II, Book 1…

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Series II, Book 2 Cover_320BBW The Submissive: BBW BDSM Hot Erotic Romance (The Cruise Series II, Book 2)

And this evening is about you, my dear…

Having been married to sourpuss Brent for so long, Annabelle had forgotten what passion is…until she meets Reuben.

After a spanking that leaves her teetering on the edge of pain and pleasure, Annabelle goes to dinner with Reuben and finds herself drawn in by his sweet side just as much as his ferocity.

When she returns with him to his room, although shocked by the tools of his BDSM games, she can’t say no and doesn’t even want to.  In fact, all she wants to do is be a part of his world; and after they play, Annabelle finds herself wanting more.

Is Reuben the man that she’d been dreaming of all along, or is this really a longing for her old flame?

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Series II, Book 3 Cover_320BBW’s Love Triangle: Annabelle’s Submission (The Cruise Series II, Book 3)

“How can you merely eat dinner when you are this excited?”

Annabelle gets everything she wanted and much more when Reuben beds her.

He seems to have far too much intimate knowledge of what she has always kept secret to be a stranger.  Then again, giving him that kind of control makes her apprehensive.

As a strong, independent woman, there seems to be something so very wrong about calling a lover “sir”, but it’s so hot that she can’t say no.

She then sees Charlie, her first love on board, and everything changes instantly and it seems like forever.

When the love of your life comes back to you twenty years later, it’s a sign, isn’t it?  Annabelle can’t imagine letting him go now.



Cover (The Cruise Series II, Book 4)_320

BBW Explores MMF: BDSM Hot Erotic Romance (The Cruise Series II, Book 4)

Although having sex with Charlie might have been everything that she had remembered and more, waking up with him isn’t, and Annabelle finds it odd that she can hardly wait to be alone. 

After bumping into Reuben once more, she realizes that the chemistry between them is only part of it, and when he promises her a night that she’ll never forget, Annabelle throws caution to the wind and enjoys every second of the man’s fantasy come to life. 

But on the last day of the cruise, she discovers that she is not the only woman in Reuben’s life.


Charlie took the chair across from her, still naked. She assumed he would stay that way until he actually left. He had always been completely confident about his body. She had to admit that even without a hard-on, his physique was still impressive. Her hands touched him everywhere last night, and it appeared that her mouth had been too. 

“Jesus, I’m a little sore.” He grimaced and then laughed. “It’s been a while.” 

“A while since what?” It seemed odd to her, the way that being in bed with him was no problem, but having him here in the morning seemed awkward. 

“Well, since I ravaged you.”



Cover (The Cruise Series II, Book 5)_320BBW All In: Threesome Surprise for Annabelle (The Cruise Series II, Book 5)

BBW Annabelle is back to being a slave in this final installment of The Cruise Series II. As much as she wants to be forever under the command of her Master lover, Reuben, she deliberates on Charlie’s challenge to her. 

She never intended to become the “other” woman and she doesn’t know if there is a place in her future for Charlie or Reuben.  She says good-bye to both men but the thought of seeing Reuben once more has driven her close to obsession. 

When Reuben makes a surprise arrangement for his beloved BBW Annabelle, she fears that he really has pushed her too far this time. Will she fight it or will she still fall prey to his sweet temptations?


Blindfolded and desperately horny, Annabelle stopped thinking of the crowd that could be watching. She even stopped thinking of the pulsating pain that radiated from her bottom. She ground her hips against the tongue that lapped up and down along her clit and sucked on her with hot, greedy lips. 

She felt the man moving back and forth in her mouth as she tasted him in her throat. Her moans of pleasure were muffled by the long, thick dick that was thrusting in and out of her lips. Annabelle was pushing up, taking him all the way to the root of his cock. She wanted all of it inside her; she wanted to taste him as he spurted his seed and let go in her mouth. 

The lips on her wrapped tightly around her shuddering bud and drew her in, the tongue lapping at her in a perfect rhythm. She could hear the loud sucking noises from between her legs, felt her heart pounding in her chest as the orgasm came almost to its peak. She had waited so long, and she was so needy for more. She bucked her hips wildly and let go with a spasm that ran down the length of her body.