October 9, 2013

An honors graduate, Belinda has always been thought of as a go-getter by friends and co-workers alike, but it wasn’t until she started with the Huffington Group that she really hit her stride. Now, she is the youngest female partner in the firm. 

To the outside world, Belinda is the perfect example of having it all, but she is actually a closet romantic who, more and more, finds her romance relegated to the closet. 

She and her husband had become more partners than lovers and once he moved out of the bedroom, she realized that what she needed, she couldn’t get fulfilled through the boardroom. 

Belinda has always been a curvy, ball of fire with a big heart and an almost insatiable desire for all of the pleasures that life has to offer.  Where had that Belinda gone?  Tucked away behind her desk, night after night, it wasn’t until she realized that she deserved success in her love life, as well as her work life, that she decided that a radical change needed to be made. 

Once Belinda makes up her mind to find true love, nothing could possibly stand in her way.  The only question is, will she make the right choice?

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